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Officers and Committees 2024-2025


President: Jamie Sanford 

Vice-President: Bryan Bance

Secretary: Kate Heikkila


Members-at-Large: Kenneth Favrholdt and Kelly Speak

Past-Executive Member (Advisory): Kathryn Louro


Standing Committees

  • Constitution and By-laws Committee -- Chair: Jamie Sanford
  • Indigenous Advocacy Committee -- Chair: Kelly Speak; Committee: Joy Rowe, Genevieve Weber, Celia Nord, Anna Kay Eldridge, Shelby Meyer
  • Grants Committee -- Chair: Kelly Speak
  • Membership Committee -- Chair: Kenneth Favrholdt; Committee: Maxwell Otte
  • Nominations and Elections Committee -- Chair: Kelly Speak
  • Programs Committee -- Chair: Bryan Bance; Committee: Jacob Loyd; Megan Purcell

    Ad Hoc Committees

    • Finance Committee -- Chair: vacant; Committee: Stacey Gilkinson, Maxwell Otte
    • Communications -- Chair: Kate Heikkila; Committee: Manda Haligowski, Lily Liu (Social Media volunteer)


    • British Columbia Archival Education and Advisory Service; EAS Coordinator: Lisa Glandt
    • British Columbia Archival Network Service (BCANS); MemoryBC Coordinator: Lisa Snider
    • Financial Manager: Angela Brain 


      AABC Regional Representatives represent archives and archivists in the various regions of the province and act as liaisons with the AABC Executive. They assist in the organization of meetings and help coordinate special projects within their region.

      Terms of Reference -- AABC Regional Representatives

      The AABC is currently seeking Representatives for the following regions: 

      • Fraser Valley

      • BC Northeast

      • Central & North Vancouver Island

      • Kootenay - Columbia

      If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact for more information.

      Greater Vancouver  

      Dovelle Buie

      City of Richmond Archives


      Central Interior

      Kim Stathers

      University of Northern B.C. Archives

      Phone: 250-960-6644


      B.C. Northwest

      Jean Eiers-Page

      Prince Rupert Regional Archives

      Phone: 250-624-3326


      Thompson - Okanagan

      Tara Hurley

      Kelowna Public Archives     

      South Vancouver Island

      Justine Soles

      University of Victoria Archives 


      Fraser Valley


      Please contact


      Central & North Vancouver Island 


      Please contact

      B.C. Northeast


      Please contact

      Kootenay - Columbia


      Please contact

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      The Archives Association of British Columbia acknowledges that it carries out its work on the land of Indigenous nations throughout British Columbia. We are grateful for the continuing relationships with Indigenous people in B.C. that develop through our work together.  

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